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About Vanessa

When I used to think about what I wanted to be when I grew up, a photographer was not among the many choices I had in mind. Palentologist, possibly? A 3rd grade teacher. A writer?


While I loved to take photos in high school, I never had any ambition to be a professional when I grew up. My grandfather had an old Nikon 35mm camera that I used to take photos of everything and anything important in my life at that moment. Then the camera broke, and while I still have it to this day, it just wasn’t something I was passionate enough to continue to learn.


Then. I had 2 beautiful children and I became THAT mom. The one with 467 photos of her child in various positions, but all identical. Most of them pretty sucky. Then I started posing my kids with stuffed animals, and in different outfits. I started having “photoshoots” with them, for their 3, 6, 9 month birthdays.


But they were never quite good enough. I wanted to capture that emotion, that tug in your stomach when you look at a photo and actually FEEL what it was like in that moment. So I started studying photography with the aim of having better photos of my kids, and found I couldn’t get enough of it! Now it is not only my passion and my hobby, but also my business!


There is nothing I love more than when someone says “You really captured the emotion of that day, event, person etc.” It makes my heart squeeze a bit that I can not only have it for myself but I can share with others that moment in time that becomes frozen in a photo. That is my goal with each and every session.

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